Sunday, May 29, 2005

Danica Patrick-The "Real" Thing

A woman in the Indy 500. Oh no...It must not be allowed! That is what Robby Gordon must be thinking.

Yesterday, Gordon accused Danica Patrick of having an unfair advantage in the Indy 500 because she only weighs 100 pounds. Talk about the whining and complaining of an immature little man who can't handle the pressure.

So what if she weights only 100 pounds? Can't a man weigh 100 pounds and drive at Indy? This was such a ridiculous statement, and the fact that he even made it is an indication that perhaps, just maybe, he is a bit worried that he couldn't beat her, no matter what her weight.

Patrick finished 4th today at Indy. If she had been able to run full out, with her fuel wide open, she would have won. Did she complain? NO. Did she make excuses? NO! Did she handle the post race interview with class? YES! She said she was very proud of what she had accomplished. She praised her crew, her sponsors, her owners, and everybody else that were involved in the race.

You could tell by her mannerisms that she was disappointed. Who wouldn't be? But did she act like a "little baby" who didn't want to participate any more when she lost? NO!

Perhaps Robby Gordon should take a clue from Danica. Grow up and get the job done. Don't act like a little baby.

What's the matter Robby? Are you feeling a bit threatened by a girl? Or should I say "woman?' A woman, by the way that can drive. Indy cars don't know who is driving them? Male or female? It doesn't matter, as long as you can drive, and that is what REALLY matters.

And drive she did! Go Danica. Go get 'em.

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Anonymous said...

She did a excellent job and outdrove most of the other drivers. I foresee many great things from her in the future. She will not be an Indy 500 flash in the pan like Janet Guthrie, Lyn St James, and Sarah Fisher. She is a "Real" driver, as you put it.