Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tiger Woods' Language At The Masters: WHO CARES?

PASADENA, TEXAS (April 11, 2010) Much has been written in the past 12 hours about Tiger Woods language during his performance during the third round of The Masters on Saturday.

Woods hit an errant tee shot on No. 6, prompted him to shout, “Tiger Woods, you suck!” punctuated by the phrase "God Damnit."

CBS announcer Verne Lundquist commented after the exclamation, "I don't think he's pleased."

On the very next hole, he cursed again after a wayward approach shot. He would go on the record another bogey on that hole.

Tiger's language on the golf course has been heard and known about for years. Few comments on said language was ever heard.

Now there are people and groups out there that are chastising him for his language on Saturday.

Now, I am conservative as anyone when it comes to language. I think there are times that one must watch their language and be careful not to expose others to said language.

Have I ever cursed when some act or performance didn't go by way? YES!

Have I ever cursed when I hit or bump something that causes myself pain? YES!

Have I ever cursed when I made an errant golf shot? YES!

There are many of us who are guilty of using inappropriate language in a highly tense situation, and the world did not come to an end.

We have the current Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, on video, throwing down the F-bomb, while talking to our current President, Barack Obama. This happened within the past month.

Very little was heard from the media concerning Biden's comment.

Recently, NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. was videoed in a profanity-laced rant at Bristol Motor Speedway, due to frustration from a speeding penalty.

Very little was made of his language, and it was mostly forgotten within days of the incident.

During the recent Winter Olympics in Vancouver, NBC aired live video of a conversation between snowboarder Shaun White and his coach, Bud Keene. Keene let loose with a couple of four-letter obscenities.

NBC apologized for the airing of the language and the Olympic went on.

Woods apologized for his language after the third round, stating "If I did that, I'm sorry." He quote was reported in numerous media outlets during the last afternoon and early evening on Saturday.

I think some of the people and groups that are chastising Woods because of his infidelity and the problems his personal life.

Tiger Woods is without a doubt, the best golfer in the history of the sport. So he cut loose with a few inappropriate words in a tense moment. BIG DEAL!

Let's judge the man on his play during The Masters. He apologized, therefore in my mind, it is over.

After all, there is not anyone out there who has NEVER done the same. Tiger should just be left alone to play the game he loves. It is as simple as that.