Sunday, March 26, 2006

Explanation of Bonds' Steroid Use

By Robert H. Kelly

I read an interesting piece today on the internet.

It gave an explanation of why Barry Bonds took steroids.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

National/American Leaguers


A rational explanation of why Bonds took steroids.

Now we can all sleep at night knowing Bonds had a legitimate reason for breaking the law and disgracing himself and the game.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Eagle Finswimming Club Wins Texas Open

By Chris Price

(Pasadena, Texas) The Eagle Finswimming Club of Pasadena beat six other teams for top honors at the 2006 Texas Open Finswimming Invitational, defeating second place and meet host Finswimming Association of Southeast Texas.

FAST's Kristine Kelly of Deer Park, Jenna Taylor and Christian Castro both of Pasadena combined for six gold medals, but it wasn't enough to defeat the Eagle Finswimming Club's depth. The Eagles won only won gold medal, but as a result of that depth, defeated the host team, FAST, 64-58.5.

The Texan Finswimming Club of Houston (TFC) finished in third place with 39.5 points, followed in fourth place by San Jacinto College with 20 points, University of Houston in fifth place with 11 points, followed by Hillsdale College of Michigan and the US Navy-Florida Finswimming, tying for sixth place with 2 points.

Kelly won the women's 50 yard apnea, 200 yard surface and the 100 yard surface, establishing two new meet records.

Kelly broke the meet record in the 50 apnea with the time of 20.91 seconds and the 200 yard surface with the time of 1:56.61.

Taylor won the 50 yard surface and the 25 yard apnea, while Castro taking top honors in the 100 yard surface.

San Jacinto College's (SJC) Joshua Bass won the gold medals in the 25 yard apnea and 50 yard apnea.

Jacob McSwain, of the Eagle Finswimming Club, won the gold medal in the 200 yard surface, with University of Houston's (UH) Max Newlin winning the 50 yard surface.

Winning silver medals include Taylor in the 100 yard surface, Hannah Parham (EFSC) in the 50 yard apnea and 25 yard apnea, Daniel Green (EFSC) in the 100 yard surface, Bobbie Culver (EFSC) in the 200 yard surface, Adrian Hernandez (EFSC)-50 yard apnea, Ricardo Arredondo (TFC)-200 yard surface, Lauren Edwards (TFC)-50 yard surface, Bass-50 yard surface and Castro-25 yard apnea.

Those finswimmers winning bronze medals include Castro-50 yard apnea, Parham-100 yard surface, Hernandez-100 yard surface, Donna Anderson (EFSC)-200 yard surface, Edwardo Sanchez (EFSC)-200 yard surface, Nereyda Sepulveda (TFC)-50 yard surface, Marcus Puckett (EFSC)-50 yard surface, Edwards-25 yard apnea, and Newlin-25 apnea.

"I was very proud of all the finswimmers at the meet. It was very gratifying to have some many finswimmers and teams represented in the first meet of the 2006 season. I look forward to competing against them this season," said Darla Kelly, Head Coach for the Eagle Finswimming Club.

The next meet on the schedule is the Gulf Coast Invitational in April, followed by the Gold Cup International Invitational in May. These will be the final two meet for local finswimmers to make the times to be considered to represent the United States or their home countries at the World Scholar-Athlete Games at the University of Rhode Island in late June.

The Texas Finswimming Association (TFA) is the official governing body for competitive and recreational finswimming in Texas.

THE PLOT THICKENS: Even More Trouble For Barry Bonds

In a story on, it has been stated that a judge denied a bid by Barry Bonds' lawyers to block the authors and publishers from making money on a book claiming the San Francisco Giants' slugger used steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

Let's look at the statements the Bonds camp are making:

"We are seeking to have the credibility and integrity of the grand jury proceeding restored," said Bonds lawyer Alison Berry Wilkinson.

Real Meaning: They were not stating the steroid acquisitions were false, just that they way the author's obtained the information was illegal.

Earlier Friday, in a separate court action, Bonds' lawyers also sent a letter to a federal judge, demanding that Fainaru-Wada and Williams be held in contempt of court.

Real Meaning: Blame someone else for the problems. It takes the heat off of Bonds.

"The true victim is not Barry Bonds, but the sanctity and integrity of the grand jury process," the attorneys wrote to U.S. District Judge Susan Illston.

Real Meaning: Play the victim. It makes you look like people are out to get you.

"His bat speaks for himself and he's not going to speak on this action and this book," another Bonds' lawyer Michael Rains said.

Real Meaning: He is a great athlete. He shouldn't be held accountable for his actions, even if they were immoral or illegal.

The following things just might be keeping Barry up nights.

Bonds former lover, Kimberly Bell, who bolsters the steroid case against Bonds, said she received money from the seven-time Most Valuable Player not reported to tax authorities.

Real Meaning: He may have committed income tax fraud. Remember, the most powerful agency in the US government is the IRS.

"There is an ongoing investigation and I don't want to interrupt that in any way," Bell told Reuters on Thursday. "Because of the investigation and the potential there at this time I am not making any commentary on the situation or the book."

Real meaning: I don't want to do anything to screw up the case against Bonds. After all, he screwed me in many ways. Remember, payback is a bitch.

Legal experts say the book could also prompt the U.S. attorney to investigate whether Bonds lied to a federal grand jury when he testified in the BALCO steroid case. Bell has already testified before a grand jury.

Real meaning: If Bonds lied to a grand jury (we all know he did), then that jail cell may be closer than he thinks.

Bonds had better hope things don't get any worse. I feel that the storm is getting ready to sweep over Bonds, and he has a more than a few leaks in his boat.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bonds Could Have Bigger Problems That Steroid Use

By Chris Price

A story on MSNBC is quoted in saying that Barry Bonds could be prosecuted for perjury in relationship to his grand jury testimony.

If the accusations that he paid off a woman with money he earned signing autographs at card shows, money that was not reported as income are true, then look out.

The IRS is someone he doesn’t want to get mixed up with.

The guy is beyond belief. Does he think anyone is going to step up to protect him if they get a subpoena?

I think not!!!

The plot thickens. This guy WILL go down. Mark my words.

Terrorists May Target NCAA Tournament

By Chris Price

The Houston Chronicle has a story that the FBI has issued a warning that a jihadist web site has recommended suicide bombings at sporting events like the NCAA basketball tournament.

I guess security at these events will now intensify.

To me it really doesn’t matter how long it takes to get in, as long as the fans, athletes, media, and support staff are somewhat safe.

Esparza Wins National Boxing Title


by Robert H. Kelly

Colorado Springs, CO (March 11, 2006) Pasadena’s Marlen Esparza became Texas’s first national champion at the U.S. National Boxing Championships held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Texas.

Esparza, a junior at Pasadena High School, competed in the light flyweight division (106 lbs) squared off against Michelle Turner of Newark, New Jersey.

Esparza held a slight lead early in the championship bout, finishing the third round with a score of 14-12.

She continued to build her lead in the final two minutes and came away with her first national title, notching the victory with the score of 18-12.

Esparza's sports career is not just limited to boxing. She competes in cross country, track and swimming at Pasadena High School.

Esparza became the school’s second national champion in the past seven months, following fellow PHS student Kristine Kelly who won the 200 yard backstroke at the AAU National Swimming Championships in New Orleans this past August.

Esparza and Kelly train together on the school’s swimming and track team.

I was very pleased for Marlen,” said Darla Kelly, Esparza’s swimming coach at PHS. “She is a tough competitor and I knew she had that championship fire within her. I know she will use this championship as a motivation to continue her training and find success in all the sports she competes in."

Friday, March 10, 2006

Barry Bonds Poll on Sports Illustrated Web Site-Update # 3

Information compiled by Chris Price

The current poll results on concerning Barry Bonds are listed below.

Poll Question: In light of the latest accusations of Barry Bonds' steroid use, should his records and awards stand?

Yes: 16% with 18469 votes (same as last posting)
Yes, with an asterisk: 19% with 21621 votes (same as last posting)
No, wipe them out: 64% with 63955 votes (-1 % from last posting)

Total votes: 112587

Checked and confirmed on at 1:19pm CST on Friday, March 10, 2006

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Two Texans Advance to Semis at USA Boxing Championships

by Robert H. Kelly

(Colorado Springs-March 8, 2006) Texans Jennifer Han and Hector Ramos moved one step closer to national titles Wednesday evening at the USA National Boxing Championships at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Han, of El Paso won her second bout of the tournament with a second round stoppage of fellow Texan Kayla Kay Combs (Lubbock, Texas).

Ramos, from Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio defeated 2005 National Golden Gloves champion Brad Soloman, to move to the semifinal round for the second straight year.

Ramos is the U.S. National Championships bronze medalist from last year.

Semifinal bouts will be held Thursday, March 9 with women’s finals slated for Friday evening at the U.S. Olympic Training Center’s Sports Center.

The men’s finals are scheduled for Saturday evening at the Sheraton Hotel’s Grand Ballroom in Colorado Springs.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Barry Bonds Poll on Sports Illustrated Web Site-Update # 2

Information compiled by Chris Price

The current poll results on concerning Barry Bonds are listed below.

Poll Question: In light of the latest accusations of Barry Bonds' steroid use, should his records and awards stand?

Yes: 16% with 15494 votes (+2% from yesterday)
Yes, with an asterisk: 19% with 18394 votes (+2% from yesterday)
No, wipe them out: 65% with 63955 votes (-4% from yesterday)

Total votes: 97843

Checked and confirmed on at 8:59pm CST on Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Texas Boxers Advance at Nationals

By Robert H. Kelly

Texas boxers went six for ten in bouts at the 2006 United States National Boxing Championships being held at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Lone Star boxers won six preliminary bouts and advanced to the quarterfinals round at the championships.

Bantamweight Edwards Torres (Dallas, Texas) received the decision on a 13-13 tie over Salvador Ruix IV by having a superior punch count of 30-25.

Lightweight and 2005 Cadet World Championships silver medalist Jerry Belmontes (Corpus Christi, Texas) decisioned Rashad Ganaway by a score of 14-5.

Welterweight and 2005 U.S. Championships silver medalist Charles Hatley (Dallas, Texas) defeated Garvin Scott with a first round stoppage.

Light heavyweight Alfonso Lopez (Huntsville, Texas) won by a decision over Dalemanik Robertson with the score of 15-14, while
super heavyweight Eugene Hill (Dickinson, Texas) decisioned Kimbo Bethel 7-6.

Female featherweight and former national champion Jennifer Han (El Paso, Texas) won over Priscella Bonnell with a 13-5 decision.

Quarterfinal action continues Wednesday, March 8 with semifinal and final bouts slated for later in the week.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Barry Bonds Poll on Sports Illustrated Web Site-Update # 1

Information compiled by Chris Price

The current poll results on concerning Barry Bonds are listed below.

Poll Question: In light of the latest accusations of Barry Bonds' steroid use, should his records and awards stand?

Yes: 14% with 8074 votes
Yes, with an asterisk: 17% with 10100 votes
No, wipe them out: 69% with 39548 votes

Total votes: 57722

Checked and confirmed on at 8:59pm CST on Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Bonds + Steroids = Cheating ?

By Robert H. Kelly

Sports Illustrated reveals in excerpts from Games of Shadows, by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams that Barry Bonds has been using steroids since 1998.

You can read excerpts from the article here.

Numerous facts are presented along with documentation that Bonds not only used the steroids, but was an active participant in their administration.

Bond has steadfastly denied he ever used steroids. He made those statements to a grand jury.

Isn’t that what Martha Stewart did? She did hard time for her lies, or at least as hard as it can be in a federal prison. Bonds did receive immunity from prosecution during his testimony before a federal hearing, but not from perjury or obstruction of justice.

Bonds should be made to answer questions regarding his steroid usage. Major League Baseball should make him answer, but they won’t. It would hurt them too much.

Bonds should be banned from baseball. Pete Rose was banned and all he did was gamble on baseball. Bonds cheated.....he cheated not only the game but the fans who supported him and all those players who came before him.

His records should be tossed out and the previous performances reinstated. He can deny his usage all he wants, but does he think people are stupid?

I have an autographed photo of Bonds that I got in the late 1980s when he was playing for the Pittsburg Pirates. He was a slightly built young ball player. Look at him now. There is no way he got that big from weights. He cheated and everyone knows it.

A poll on the Sports Illustrated web site indicates 69% of the public thinks his records should be wiped out. I have checked the site three times in the past three hours and the percentage is rising every hour.

Bonds days are numbered, or should I say already expired. I would be willing to bet that he doesn’t play much this season. He will be on the roster, take batting practice, and perhaps get into a game when the outcome is already determined.

He will retire without the homerun record, and complain the rest of his life that people were out to get him. It will be a media thing, or a fan thing, or a race thing. It will be anything but the real thing.

The real thing is that he made the choice to use steroids, to cheat, and to lie about it. Whatever he gets, he deserves.

But he doesn’t need to play the victim. We are all too smart to accept that.

Cy Fair Swim Club Wins SPEEDO Champions Series

Photo by Darla Tamulitis
Article by Robert H. Kelly

The Cy Fair Swim Club took the top honors at the 2006 SPEEDO Champions Series at Texas A&M University this past weekend.

Cy Fair scored 750.5 points to win the team title, followed by Texas A&M University in second place with 576 points and City of Plano Swim Team in third place with 542.5 points.

Over 800 swimmers representing 86 teams from around the United States competed for titles in 34 events. The meet was the last major competition prior to the NCAA championships and USA Swimming’s senior and junior national championships.

Matt LaBlanc, representing the City of Plano Swim Team was the High Point Winner in the mens division, scoring 97 points.

Sianna Plantation Aquatics’ Colleen Gordon was the Women’s High Point Winner with 161 points.

Camille Adams of the Cy Fair Swim Club was runner up in the womens division and Robert Looney of the City of Shreveport (LA) Swimming Team was runner up in the mens division.

Photo by Darla Tamulitis
Members of the Houston Cougar Aquatic Sports (COOG) 400 yard medley relay pose for a photo after swimming to a team record in the event.

Monday, March 06, 2006

And the New Name Is……………….?

By Robert H. Kelly

Succumbing to pressure from special interest groups, Houston 1836 has changed its name to Houston Dynamo. The new name and logo were announced at press conference today at the Museum of Natural Science’s Wiess Energy Hall.

Dynamo’s General Manager and President Oliver Luck was quoted in saying,

Dynamo is a word to describe someone who never fatigues, never gives up. The new name is symbolic of Houston as an energetic, hard-working, risk-taking kind of town. To me, Dynamo has a blue-collar feel to it, as well as an association with the energy business, which is one of the things Houston is known for. We think this is a great name that Greater Houston can rally around.

I understand there was a small amount of negative feedback from certain Hispanic activists and community groups concerning the original name. The name “1836” was the year that the city of Houston was founded.

Soccer teams in Europe have dates in their names, signifying the year their teams came into existence. Here in the United States, youth teams are named by the years their players were born in.

The name, is happens, offended some in Houston as it was the also the year Texas gained its independence from Mexico.

The team has the right to name itself anything it chooses. But to succumb to outside pressure to have the team’s name change could open a can of worms.

For years, individuals and groups have tried to change the names of various sports teams. The NCAA has policies that restrict post season play for any member school who has an “Indian related name.”

I can understand that policy, although I feel we are going way over board with naming rights. A team and its owners have the right to name a team whatever it wants.

One must remember that professional sports are a business. A business is in existence to make money. If the moniker “1836” was going to restrict the team’s earnings, then they should have the right changed it.

However, it would have been nice for someone in the front office to figure out that the name “1836” might have been a problem.

Either way people will go the games, support the team, and enjoy their love of soccer.

A rose by any other name…….

That says it all.