Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tiger Misses Cut: The End Of A Streak.

It happened today.
A day that was going to happen!
A day that no self respecting golf fan wanted to see!
A day that will live in infamy!
And it happened on Friday the 13th.

Some people view this day with the eyes of a pessimist. Friday the 13th. Long thought to be the unluckiest day of the year. A day when bad things are suppose to happen. A day that few want to admit they view as unlucky, but deep down harbor thoughts that if bad happens, it happens.

When I heard the news, I couldn't believe it. This couldn't happen. It wouldn't happen. It can't happen.

If you haven't heard, the great Tiger Woods did something today that hasn't occurred in seven years, three months, and seven days.

The King of the Links went home empty handed.

Woods, whom arguably the best golf in the history of sport, failed to make the cut at the EDS Byron Nelson Championships in Irving, Texas.

Having made the cut in 142 consecutive tournaments and having brought home a paycheck from all those 142 starts, it was assumed that Tiger would always make the cut.

Well, the Golf Gods, or should I say "Golf Devils," had something to say about that. After missing a 15-foot putt for par on the 18th green of Cottonwood Valley, Tiger just collected his gear and called it a day.

But don't shed any tears for Tiger. It is not as if he will go home hungry. This is a man who was quoted saying "This is more intestinal fortitude than anything else. Days when you have it, you don't mail it in, you don't pack it in. You give it everything you've got. That's part of my attitude and my belief. That you should always have the switch on. You can't turn it on and off."

So while the lucky one who made the cut play two more rounds on Saturday and Sunday, Tiger will spend some time doing what he hasn't done during golf season for the past seven years. He will have the weekend off.

After all, we all get weekends off. Some of us use our weekends to play golf. I should perhaps say play "at" golf. On my best day, I couldn't even carry Tiger's clubs. He spends more on a wallet than I spent on my clubs, bag, and accessories.

But to watch him play is to see an artist painting a masterpiece. The way he swings the clubs and makes it look so easy. It is obvious to me that he is having fun play golf. He is having fun doing something he loves. He is having fun being Tiger Woods.

Don't cry for Tiger. He will be back. Back in a big way. I would not be surprised to see him beat his own PGA Tour-record streak of 142 consecutive events of finishing in the money.

Tiger will be back. That you can count on.

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