Friday, June 10, 2005

Spurs Win! Not A Pretty Thing, But WHO CARES!

The San Antonio Spurs won game one of the 2005 NBA Finals last night. Sports Illustrated writer Chris Mannix said it was without style. I totally agree. Who said a team must have style to win? As long as the players bond and work together, who cares about their style? That is exactly the point he wa strying to make. They worked together and got the job done. That is what sports is suppose to be about. It was a great show for the masses. I just wish that more teams could play like the Spurs did last night. It was a pleasure to watch players that don't care about their image and their "style." They just pulled together and got the job done.

Link to Chris Mannix's article here--->

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Too many athletes and teams want to look good and could care less about playing as a team. This was a refreshing moment in basketball.