Saturday, December 31, 2005 Houston Bowl-Halftime Update

by Robert Kelly

The first quarter of the Houston Bowl, it is evident to everyone in the stands at Relient Stadium that TCU had come to play ball.

Touchdowns came on a 20 yard scoring run by Robert Merrill and a 7 yard run by Aaron Brown. Both one point conversionsby Chris Manfreini were good to make the score 14-0 in favor of TCU.

Iowa State showed very litttle offense in the quarter rushing for eleven yard and passing for a scant 32 yards.

TCU was 12 for 55 on the ground while completing 8 for 12 and 88 yards.

In a dramatic change of events during the second quarter, Iowa State came to life, and began to mount a comeback.

Iowa State scored seventeen points in the second quarter on a 48 yard touchdown pass from Todd Blythe to Bret Meyer to take the score to 14-7 in favor of TCU.

Two points were added on a safety at 12:50 in the quarter to take the score to 14-9 in favor of TCU.

Jon Davis scored on a six yard pass from Bret Meyer and followed with a two point conversion to take the score to 17-14 in favor of the Cyclones.

TCU then answered with an 84 yard pass from Micha Depriest to Jeff Ballard, and a one poin conversion to take the lead 21-17.

With fifteen seconds left int he half, Manafredini kicked a 29 yard field goal to take the score to TCU 24, Iowa State 17.

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