Sunday, January 01, 2006

NEWS FLASH!!! Dom Capers To Be Fired As Houston Texans Head Coach On Monday

An unconfirmed report has just be announced on Sport Talk Radio 610AM in Houston that Houston Texans Head Coach Dom Capers will be fired tomorrow (Monday, January 2, 2006).

What a surprise. There should be more that just he handed a pink slip. What about the GM and many of the assistants? And can we forget some of the players? Perhaps some trades are on the horizon?


JackTex said...

With the 7 NFL coaching vacancies it was very interesting to see ESPN discusing the fact that even though the Texans struggled this season, that it is the most appealing opening. Based ownership, the stadium and potential to get Reggie, 2006 could be a good season in Houston.

UT Fan said...

Exactly. Trade David Carr and draft Vince Young. A Texas quaterback playing for the Texans.