Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chad Hedrick Interviewed By ESPN

By Robert H. Kelly

In an interview posted today with ESPN, it was stated that USA Olympic gold medalist Chad Hedrick didn’t congratulate 1000 meter gold medalist Shani Davis after his victory on Friday. ESPN also stated that Davis had convincing beat Hendrick in the event.

Checking the official results on Torino Olympic website,, the margin of Davis’ victory over Hedrick was a scant 56 hundredths of a second. Hedrick finished in sixth place.

What ESPN neglected to mention was that in the 5000 meter event, in which Hedrick won the gold medal, Davis finished in seventh place, 8.40 seconds behind Hedrick.
How can a 56 hundredths of a second be decisive, but 8.40 second not?

Many are raising the question that Hedrick didn’t congratulate Davis on his victory. My question: where was Davis’ congratulation of Hendrick’s performance in the 5000 meters?

Seems to me if you want congratulations, you should give congratulations.

Perhaps Shani needs to look towards himself for the source of his speed skating problems.

This young man and his supporters just don’t get it. My guess is they never will.


Anonymous said...

What problems does Shani Davis have with speed skating? It does not appear to me that Davis has any problems at all. It is Chad Hedrick who appears to have the problem, and why Hedrick seems to have more antagonism towards Davis than he does to, say, SKATERS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES, is a question that Hedrick should answer.

Anonymous said...

Correction: looking at the link below, Davis has no problem with Hedrick whatsoever. It is Hedrick who has the problem with Davis. Oh well! After reading this link, I suppose that I am rooting for Parra anyway. If Hedrick wins, people will pile on Davis. If Davis wins, people will pile on Hedrick. I say let the guy who has been through some REAL personal adversity get the medal (and hopefully his family back), and let both Hedrick AND Davis watch and hopefully learn to be thankful for what they have and become better people.