Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Conference USA Swimming/Diving Championships Kick off Today at University of Houston

By Robert H. Kelly

The University of Houston is hosting the Conference USA Swimming and Diving Championships at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Natatorium begining today (February 22) and continuing through Saturday, February 25.

Seven schools will be competing, with six women’s teams and three men’s team vying for conference honors.

In the women’s division, SMU, Rice, East Carolina, Tulane, Marshall, the University of Houston, while SMU, Hawaii and East Carolina compete in the men’s division.

Title 9, and the way university officials view its implication hinder men’s programs in swimming.

Conference USA has twelve member schools, but only six field women’s teams and a paltry three field men’s teams. The number of women’s team reduces to five for the 2006-2007 season, as Tulane will drop its three year old women’s program.

However, the action will be hot in the pool this year, as SMU looks to be the odds-on favorite to win both the men’s’ and women’s titles.

Go and check out the action. For the price, it is the best deal for collegiate sports in town.

For further information on the championships, go to Conference USA Swimming and Diving Championships website.

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