Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kwan Withdraws From Winter Olympics

Michelle Kwan withdrew from the 2006 Winter Olympic Games this morning.


She has given so much to the sport of figure skating, and to have her latest quest end like this makes one wonder.

I am very fortunate that I met her at the 1994 US Olympic Festival in St. Louis. I can still remember that meeting today as I watch her of USA Network's Olympic Ice show.

She tried to hold back her tears as she spoke of her decision. After a while, one could see a few tears flowing down her face. As a former athlete and a current coach, I do know how she felt.

She spoke about being honest with herself and her love for her sport. She stated she wanted the best for the sport.

She stated she was going home to California and would support and cheer for the USA from there. She added she didn't want to stay and be a distraction.

What a class act!!! I knew that fact when I first met her. Why can't all athletes be like that? It would make sport a whole lot better.

I bid Michelle farewell, but not goodbye. She WILL be back. In what capacity, I cannot say. She is needed in the world of sport. The USA, Olympics, and the world are a much place with her.

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