Monday, February 20, 2006

NBC Interview Explained: Davis Had To Go To The Bathroom

By Robert H. Kelly

In a story from Chicago, an explanation is given for the curt and abrasive attitude of Shani Davis after winning his gold medals in the 1000 meter speed skating event.

He had to go to the bathroom.


Davis is quoted in saying, after receiving his gold medal,

"I'm not angry at anybody. I'm up there and I have to go to the bathroom and you have to do a million and one things. It's frustrating sometimes. I understand you guys have to do your job, but I have to do things too.”

That seems like a plausible explanation of his behavior and attitude with NBC’s Melissa Stark.

I would take that explanation from some people but, as always, the plot thickens.

In an earlier posting, I stated that after Davis’ exchange with Stark, he turned and walked away, smiling and laughing when approached his entourage.

The smile and laughter was barely visible. You had to be paying attention, but it did happen.

Sources further report that Davis was indeed angry. He was angry at NBC host Bob Costas for critical remarks about his (Davis’) decision not to compete in the team pursuit on Wednesday.

But there is still the statement that he had to go to the bathroom.

One might take that explanation at face value. The cold hard fact is that after the exchange with Stark, he stepped in front of Dutch television cameras for an interview that was warm and engaging by those who viewed it.

Seems he must have a mighty good bladder.

Remember, he is sponsored by a Dutch bank. I guess he felt he could hold it for the Dutch but not for his own country.


Anonymous said...

Davis is sponsored by a Dutch bank because no American company would give him a significant sponsorship deal, and he trains in Canada because of conflicts with U.S. Speedskating over (you guessed it) their refusal to aggressively seek or provide a level of support or sponsorship to him that he needed to become a world champion (let alone live ... the guy is a world class speedskater and doesn't even have enough money to own a car). Now instead of sitting around complaining, being a victim, Davis went out, made a way for himself, sought foreign sponsors and training facilities, and used those foreign sponsors and facilities to win a medal for the USA. A far better deal for the USA than NAFTA, or for all of those Wal - Mart goods made in China if you ask me. Davis should be applauded, not bashed. And we should ask ourselves why did not American sponsors or U.S. Speedskating support Davis. We should also ask ourselves why Davis was accused by members of U.S. Speedskating of cheating to make the 2002 team, a totally groundless charge that of course seems utterly ridiculous now SEEING AS TO HOW HE IS A GOLD MEDALIST IN THE OLYMPICS! Just maybe if he had been given sponsorships, facilities, and not accused of being a cheat, he would have a better attitude? He would be a member of U.S. Skating? HE WOULD HAVE SKATED IN THE TEAM PURSUIT? I look forward to your reply to that hypothetical scenario. Or maybe had he been supported by American companies and U.S. Speedskating and not called a cheat, he would have acted the same way anyway, and these people who treated him in such manner knew it in advance, so their treatment of him was justified? Sure, that's it. That explains it all.

Anonymous said...

I don't know all the history of Davis' gripe with US Speedskating but let's assume they are legitimate and he has good reason to be upset. It still doesn't excuse his childish, petulant, totally unprofessional behaviour in that Stark interview right after he won gold on Saturday. If he didn't want to do the interview, it would be best if he just refused.

Its quite clear he intentionally wanted to act like a jerk to Stark in front of the camera especially since he then laughed about it afterwards thinking that he was getting one up on NBC with that foolish, childish behavior. But it didn't make NBC look bad, it made Davis look like a jerk.