Saturday, February 25, 2006

Todd Hays Retires From Bobsled

By Robert H. Kelly

Del Rio’s Todd Hays declared his intent to retire for bobsled before posting his final two runs in the four man event at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

He has stated he would like to coach football, perhaps with his brother at Baylor University.

A word of advice to the coaching staff at Baylor: HIRE THIS GUY!

Imagine the motivation and work ethic that Hays could bring to the program?

Anytime you can get an Olympian from any sport to contribute to your program, one must jump on it.

Hays is a class act, and would be a welcome addition to any program.

Besides, he may be able to recruit some football players to go out for bobsled after their collegiate careers are over.

He is a great athlete; a great Olympian; a great Texan; and a great American. We need more people like him coaching in the college ranks.

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