Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bonds Could Have Bigger Problems That Steroid Use

By Chris Price

A story on MSNBC is quoted in saying that Barry Bonds could be prosecuted for perjury in relationship to his grand jury testimony.

If the accusations that he paid off a woman with money he earned signing autographs at card shows, money that was not reported as income are true, then look out.

The IRS is someone he doesn’t want to get mixed up with.

The guy is beyond belief. Does he think anyone is going to step up to protect him if they get a subpoena?

I think not!!!

The plot thickens. This guy WILL go down. Mark my words.

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Sonicrusk said...

This guy has no conscience. Did you see him dressed as Paula Abdul? Looks like a freakish lab experiment.

BTW, do you allow profanity on your blog?