Friday, April 14, 2006

Grand Jury Convened To Look At Barry Bonds

By Robert H. Kelly

A federal grand jury is considering whether to indict San Francisco Giants outfielder Barry Bonds for perjury as a result of the testimony he gave to another grand jury over one year ago.

Bonds' playing days may be quickly coming to an end. It has been stated previously on this web site that if the federal government gets an interest in you, that interest does not go away.

Look at the attitude he has taken his whole life: "I am great." "I can do whatever I want." "I am a PLAYER and no one can mess with me."

Well, he is being messed with, and all his big talk and cool vibrato isn't going to help him one bit. If he lied to the grand jury 16 months ago, he is nailed!

As a good friend always says: "It isn't over until the fat lady sings." However, it appears that the fat lady is definitely getting close to the end of her song.

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