Sunday, April 09, 2006

Two Suggestions To Deal With The Barry Bonds "Issue"

By Robert H. Kelly

On April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth as Major League Baseball’s All Time Home Run Leader. He did it without the aid of the latest scientific and chemical breakthroughs and developments know to mankind.

If Bonds does surpass Aaron and Ruth, there should be a BIG asterisk placed in the record book. I would be very surprised if that is allowed to happen. After all, Roger Maris’ asterisk was still a legitimate record.

I have two solutions to the Bonds controversy. I doubt, however, either would ever be seriously considered.

1. The commissioner has a meeting with Bonds. He is asked to quietly retire and no
further inquiries into his use of steroids by MLB would be done. His current
totals would stand, but he would be denied the All Time Home Run Leader. If he
refused, then all evidence that MLB has will be turned over the courts and MLB
would cooperate fully with any investigation. He would also be suspended until
the investigation is over.

2. Have every pitcher in MLB pitch around him. Walk him on every bat. He would NEVER
get a hittable ball pitched to him.

Now I know Bonds, his lawyers, the San Francisco Giants organization, the Players’ Union, and others in MLB would complain and raise so much of a ruckus that the sports pages would be filled for months with exclusive coverage of the matter.

At that point, every piece of information and data would be presented to the public. Tie him up in so much controversy that he couldn’t hold up under the pressure.

These two solutions would never be seriously considered. After all, he has rights, as we all do. But that is what I would do if I have any decision making power in the situation.

If they did occur, Bonds would state that everyone was out to get him. He would declare everyone who was against him as racist, and that no one wants a black man to succeed. The funny thing is that the record he is trying to break is held by a black man, and he is even wavering on whether Bonds record assault is legitimate.

Over the next weeks and months, watch Bonds stats and see what happens. If he indeed does hit fewer home runs and get more walks, you can be sure he will speak out that he is the target of racists he is being treated unfairly, and nothing has been proven dealing with his alleged steroid use.

After all, wasn’t he quoted making racists statements in the book “Game of Shadows”?

So I guess he is correct in stating racism is involved it this controversy. The sad thing is, HIS racism is what perhaps caused the problem in the first place, along with that “green monster” called jealousy.

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