Monday, July 10, 2006

Century 21 Home Run Derby

By Robert H. Kelly

Philadelphia Philles’ Ryan Howard wins the Century 21 Home Run Derby at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. He hit 23 home runs, defeating David Wright of the New York Mets by one run.

The Houston Astros’ Lane Berkman hit three home runs in the first round, but was eliminated.

At least it was good to see an Astro in the Derby.

On a personal note: Being born in Pittsburgh and growing up a diehard Pirate fan, it is good to see the All Star Game in Pittsburgh. I remember going to Three Rivers Stadium and seeing the Pirates play. I never got to go to Forbes Field, but I do remember seeing it on TV. In fact, my grandmother lived about three blocks from Three Rivers Stadium, in the same block as the Rooney family (of Steelers’ fame).

PNC Park looks great for the All Star Game, but I cannot be sad thinking about the parks of old. Oh well, progress marches on.

The final results of the Home Run Derby are listed below.

Click here for the final results.

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