Saturday, December 23, 2006

Final Score: Cedar Hill 51 Cypress Falls 17

By Robert H. Kelly

The second half saw much of the same at the first, with Cedar Hill and quarterback William Cole continue their dominance of a seeming uninspired Cypress Falls squad.

Hill, who was named the Offensive Player of the Game, lead his team to even more scores and the defense, which capitalized on every Eagle mistake was instrumental in keeping the Longhorns at bay.

Every time that Cy-Falls would take possession of the ball, they would either be pummeled by the Longhorn defense or would fail to execute. On those instances, the Eagles would pounce on them like a hungry dog, or should I say longhorn, that had missed a few meals.

Only when the Longhorns started emptying the bench, allowing the second and third string players a chance to get into the fray, did the Eagles start producing.

Their lone score in the second half came on a blocked punt, which resulted in a touchdown.

On a more positive note, both teams should be complemented on achieving the highest pinnacle in scholastic athletics; playing for a state championship.

If that was they only thing that these fine student-athletes gained from the game, then it was worth it.

However, feeling good about oneself was not the desired outcome that either team desired. Both wanted to win the state title.

In the end, one will have a very enjoyable ride back to the Dallas area, while the other will dream of what could have been, what they could have done better, and about their future in their right back to Houston.

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