Friday, March 09, 2007

Skip Kenney Suspended by Stanford University

By Robert H. Kelly

Stanford Univeristy men's swimming coach Skip Kenney was suspended indefinitely by the school Friday in the wake of his admission that he intentionally erased several performances from the team's media guide. As a result, he will not accompany the team to the NCAA Championships this coming week.

Yesterday, athletic director Bob Bowlsby had said that Kenney would be allowed to go with the team to Minneapolis before any "punitive steps'' would be taken against him. By Friday afternoon, Bowlsby decided to take action immediately.

"We take these allegations very seriously,'' Bowlsby said. "We will take the next several weeks to investigate each one thoroughly before coming to a conclusion on any further actions.''

Why would coach of such notoriety internally delete swimmers performance's from the record books is beyond believe.

Some have said he was being vindictive towards swimmers whom had butted head with him.

Regardless of the reason, this is unthinkable and inexcusably. Did he think because he was the "Great Skip Kenney" that he was beyond reproach and could do whatever he wanted?

Only he knows for sure. If it had been any other coach, he would have been out on the street, looking for a new job, with very few prospects.

What is amazing is that, if the truth was to be known, many coaches out there have the same attitude and think they can do what they want. Many more than we think and are willing to admit.

My prediction is that he will be fired and then hired by another university or high profile club team.

After all, most people will forgive anything if they think the coach can win for them.

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