Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grand Prix of Houston Returns to Houston in April

By Robert H. Kelly
(Copyright 2008 TexSport Publications)

(HOUSTON, TEXAS (February 10, 2008) With the 2008 Grad Prix of Houston a mire 10 weeks away, the time has come to provide more up-to date coverage concerning the big race weekend. This humble writer has covered auto racing in general and the Grand Prix of Houston sporadically over the years and has a love for the sport that transcends the years.

The allure of auto racing has been in my blood since a very young age when I marveled at the coverage of the 24 Hours of La Mans on ABCs Wild World of Sports to watching James Garner and Elvis Presley in the movies “Grand Prix” and “Viva Las Vegas” respectively.

I even involved myself in the sport as an active participant in my teens and college years. My brother and I raced in two leagues, drag racing and circle dirt track racing, in the 1970s.

We were, in layman’s terms, “poor man racers.” We did what we could with out self funded racecars and competed the best we could. We were never, in any sense of the word, good racecar drivers/owners. We did it because it was fun and we had a love of the sport.

In any case, when opportunities have arisen to cover motor sports, I jump at the chance. There is nothing like walking through the paddock or the pits looking for a story. A possible story is around any corner. It may be breaking news of equipment failure of one of the top teams or a fan who has saved for months to attend the particular race.

There is a reason that auto racing is the number one spectator sport in the USA. It is the excitement of it. One never knows what is going to happen.

I will never forget being behind the wheel of my dirt track car over 30 years ago. It is a feeling one cannot describe. Below is a video clip of the number 2 Audi R10 racing around the JAGFlo Speedway at Reliant Park. Just sit back and enjoy the spectacle that is auto racing. I hope you enjoy it.

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