Monday, July 12, 2010

“Some show dogs pull their own weight. Plus a ton of bricks.”

(Photo courtsey of the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows)

HOUSTON, TEXAS (July 12, 2010) The 33rd Annual Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows, held July 21 to 25 in Houston’s Reliant Center, boasts two special attractions this year. The first is the AKC Weight Pull competition. The second is an extra specialty club show on Wednesday, July 21, offering “get-in-free” hours -- from 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. -- designed to draw shoppers to the Show’s ever popular McScotty Market.

Show Chair Tom Pincus explains that breeds of all sizes – ranging from Jack Russell Terriers to Alaskan Malamutes -- compete in the weight pull. He reports, “Dogs often haul more than 80 times their own weight. Remarkably, the larger dogs can move more than 2,000 lbs. of paving stones or dog food across a short distance.”

Pincus jokes, “Shoppers may wish they had a Malamute to haul out their purchasers from the McScotty Market.” Here, hundreds of booths offer toys, equipment, grooming supplies and food for dogs plus plenty of dog-related gifts and bling for dogowners. Wednesday’s special shopping hours are perfect for those wanting to save their money on admission and parking fees and spend it instead on a special item from the McScotty Market. If shoppers miss the “get’-in-free” hours on Wednesday, they can still enjoy the McScotty Market -- as well as the rest of the dog show -- on any of the remaining show days.

“Over the five days, a total of six shows actually go on, allowing dogs to compete multiple times during the week to rack up as many points as possible,” he says. “As the fourth-largest cluster show in the country, it’s a wealth of opportunity for competitors and offers several chances for the people to see their favorite events.

”The Show this year will continue to highlight classic events such as Conformation, which involves the judging of nearly perfect examples of more than 150 breeds on standards set by the American Kennel Club.

Meet the Breed is a kid-friendly exhibition giving potential dog owners the chance to get up close andpersonal with selected breeds and talk to experts about what they can expect from each one. The Mari Jon Filla Student Art Exhibition is also a must-see.

“The Art Exhibition will also be another classic to be excited about because expect some of our best artwork ever from local students depicting their love for dogs in crayon, watercolor and inks.”

Pincus says the Performance Events and Exhibitions are usually the most exciting for families.

“If you’re looking for real entertainment, follow the cheers and shouts,” he says, “and you’ll find dogs alone or in teams running and jumping in the agility courses, mastering obedience trials, catching FrisbeesSM like canine acrobats or dancing in the Musical Freestyle.

Attendees should be on the look out for the Sixth Annual C.A.P. Designer Doghouse Competition and Silent auction, where the most glitzy and glamorous doghouses in town are available for sale to benefit Citizens for Animal Protection.

Eukanuba is a major sponsor of the show. Adult admission is $10 per day at the door or via Ticketmaster.

Tickets for senior citizens are $5 and for children 12 or younger are $1 with adult.

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