Monday, December 27, 2010

Gary Kubiak: The Time To Replace Him As The Houston Texans Head Coach Has Come

By Robert H Kelly
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PASADENA, TEXAS (December 27, 2010) The time has come. The fans know it. The players know it. Heck, even Gary Kubiak knows it. The time for a change has come.

The only question is does Bob McNair know it?

The time for Gary Kubiak to step aside and give someone else a chance is long overdue.

Kubiak was hired with much fanfare in 2006 as the replacement for Dom Capers. He has had a one winning season in six years, posting a 9-7 record in 2009.

2010 was going to be the year that the Texans, to paraphrase Bum Phillips, were going to “kick the door in.”

The kick never happened. In fact, the Texans took quite a bit of kicking themselves.

After starting the season with a 4-2 record, they dropped eight of their next nine games and fell into a “funk” that no one seemed to be able to pull them out of.

It does not matter whose fault it was; the players, the coaches, the owner. The ultimate fall guy is and always will be the head coach.

Kubiak is not the first head coach to be “relieved of command.” He will not be the last.

But the time has come to place the future of the Houston Texans in someone else’s hands.

As I stated earlier, the fans know it, the players know it, and Gary Kubiak knows it.

I guess it comes down to Bob McNair. He may already know it. What do I mean “may.” Of course he knows.

The question is when he will decide to act?

The sooner he acts; the better. There are more than a couple of NFL teams that are looking for a new head coach. He had better get cracking if he wants to get a quality coach who will take the Texans to the next level.

In my mind, the best choice for the Texans would be to hire Bill Cowher. The lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to their fifth Super Bowl title and has the tools and credentials to lead the Texans.

He has express an interest in getting back into coaching and if Mc Nair wants make it to the big time, Cowher may be the only way to go.

I will add in another tale to the mix; how about hiring Mike Singletary as the defensive coordinator. I understand as of yesterday he is looking for a job.

In any case, the sooner McNair acts, the better it will be. It will be better for the fans, better for the players, and better for the Texans.

It is as simple as that.

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