Friday, September 21, 2012

Jackie Sherrill, UTSA’s Polo Gutierrez, Gridiron Heroes speak to SA Touchdown Club

Football legend Jackie Sherrill poses with Chris 
and Eddie Canales of Gridiron Heroes and 
they announce their Helmet Free Tackling 
Academy set to run nationally in 2013.
Photo Submitted  by Ron Oswalt
By Ron Oswalt and Shawn Michael Tripputi
Special for TexSport Publications

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (September 21, 2012) The weekly meeting of the San Antonio Touchdown Club were treated this week by speakers Jackie Sherrill, Gridiron Heroes and University of San Antonio Assistant Coach/Running Backs Coach Polo Gutierrez.

Gutierrez told the crowd, “We had a heck of a game this week at UTSA ; it was a good day for us. This season we have running backs by committee because we have three that do a good job for us.”

When asked from the crowd Gutierrez responded by saying, “The Alamodome is a great home for us and our recruits can play in a large metropolitan city. It is amazing the speed and strength we have this year over last season. Recruitment this year over last is night and day and joining Conference USA is a great tool for us. The kids know CUSA and their teams.”

Football legend Jackie Sherrill (Left) poses with Chris and Eddie Canales (Center, Right) of Gridiron Heroes, as they announced their Helmet Free Tackling Academy, which is set to run nationally in 2013.

Sherrill told the group, “Ask me any question, but my answers are my opinion only. He reflected on past days by saying Coach Bryant was a man’s man and Coach Broyals was the best business man in college football.”Sherrill spoke of his days being raised in Biloxi, Mississippi and playing for Paul “Bear” Bryant at the University of Alabama. He started the 12th Man and also won 5 of 7 games versus the Longhorns during his tenure in College Station.

Sherrill owned the room sharing past football experiences and said, ‘Players win games, coaches don’t.” Today with social media and so many other outlets and recruiting services it has changed the athletes of today. You only remember the people in your life that make you do things you don’t want to do. These are the people that help you accomplish great things. You must give players more than X and O’s. Noting that Nick Saban is the best college coach today because he gets the most from his players.

Sherrill told the group about how Texas A&M increased its marketing, branding and reputation by joining the SEC. He discussed the SEC footprint and how that will help the Aggies with advertising dollars.

When asked by the crowd about the Aggies expectations this season. Sherrill said, “I expect them to win 7 games but it will not be easy in the SEC.” He also talked about first year Aggies Head Coach Kevin Sumlin and how all the high school coaches like him and he should be successful.

The group also learned from Gridiron Heroes and their Helmet Free Tackling Academy. A camp that will be introduced nationally in 2013 under the direction of Coach Bobby Hosea and his tackling techniques.

Sherrill said, “I used to take helmets off my players when possible. We need to teach our players to stay on the field and on their feet. We must use proper technique and not to lower the head.

Gridiron Heroes Founder Eddie Canales added, “Football is at a crossroad. Science is telling us that we need to change the way we are teaching tackling. Our Helmet Free Tackling Academy is about prevention. It’s about making the game safer while preserving the game itself. I Hope and Pray no Coach, Trainer or Parent has to ever call me at Gridiron Heroes.”

The packed room showed support and overall has a great day of sharing the great game of football in San Antonio.

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