Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dykes On Bykes hold CD release concert-party

Photo by Darla Tamulitis-La Vita Loca Photography
By Robert H Kelly
Copyright 2013 TexSport Publications

WEBSTER, TEXAS (May 26, 2013) Dykes On Bykes recently held their CD release concert and party at Union Tavern in Webster, Texas with fans dancing the night away to a myriad of songs that had everyone jumping.

Describe as a rock, punk rock and high speed rock and roll band, their new CD entitled “WFO” featured four songs.

The songs included “Crash and Burn,” “Grace of Speed,” “Kickstart,” and the CD title song, “WFO.”

The band members, who produce a unique sound that can only come from the band members affection for cars, motorcycles, speed and loud, hard music, put on a great performance which was second to none in the Houston area.

The combination of Matt Fuentes on guitar and vocals, Farrell Jeppesen on guitar, Derrick Mauk on bass and Brad Corona on drums bring an electric, heart pumping sound to the stage that makes it hard to just sit and listen.

Houston based singer-songwriter Sheila Swift
(left) and La Vita Loca Photography's Darla
Tamulitis-Kelly were on hand at Union Tavern
to celebrate Dykes On Bykes latest CD.
(Photo by Robert Kelly)
It was difficult to see anyone at Union Tavern just sitting and listening to the performance.

The area in front of the stage and the adjoining dance floor was packed with fans, jumping up and down in a manner reminiscent of a mosh pit of the 1980s.

Dykes On Bykes were selected as the Best Punk Hard Core Indie Rock Band by 94.5 FM in Houston at the 2012 Texas Buzz Awards.

If you want to hear a foursome of musicians play music which is as big a part of their lives as breathing and eating, check out Dykes On Bykes.

They will definitely get you on your feet and your heart pumping.

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