Sunday, February 19, 2006

Melissa Stark's Interview With Shani Davis

by Robert Kelly

Was something amiss in Shani Davis’ interview with NBC after his gold medal performance?

Many out there think so, and as usual, so do I.

When Melissa Stark interviewed Davis after his gold medal performance, it was obvious to many that something was not right.

Davis answered in short statements and looked away when she interviewed him.

Stark even asked him if he was mad about something. He replied “No, I am very happy about winning.”

As the interview concluded, he turned to walk away, looked at his coach and support staff, and started smiling and laughing. You had to look quick to catch it, be he did do it.

Was he playing games and showing his attitude during the interview? Only Shani knows.

If he was nervous, as some out there have expressed, then why did he smile and laugh when he turned away?

But if this young man expects to capitalize on his achievement, he needs to get some training in public relations and embracing the masses; because it is clear to me he just doesn’t get it.

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