Monday, May 26, 2008

Bay Area Toros Lose First Game of the Season

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS (May 25, 2008) The Bay Area Toros’ first road trip of the season did not begin like they wished. Despite the hard play of the team, rival Corpus Christi would pull out their initial victory of the season, giving the Toros loss number one.

Nine innings proved not to be enough for the previously undefeated Toros. Veteran pitcher Will Smeltzer would start the game for Bay Area and would last five innings. Three innings in, BeachDawg Shortstop Mike Estrada would reach the bases on a single. He would eventually become the first score for Corpus Christi when Center Fielder Pedro Catala struck a Smeltzer pitch out of the park for his first homerun of the season. The scores would put the BeachDawgs ahead 2-1 with the Toro run coming unearned from outfielder Kyle Wade during the top of the Third.

Smeltzer would give up another score during his final inning of the night to Tyler Kmetko. Despite surrendering three hits, the Florida native managed seven strikeouts. His opposition, however, would keep the Toro bats at bay. Travis Parker would allow five hits with eight strikeouts before exiting the game after seven. Toro Trevino would replace Parker and not allow Bay Area to reach any base for the remaining two innings. The final score would be cemented at 3-1.

“A loss is always tough to take,” Toros Manager Jim Bolt said after the game. “But we cannot keep it fresh in our mind. We have to start thinking about the next game. It’s a long season and I’m confident that (the Toros) will rebound without a doubt.”

The Bay Area Toros will finish out the short road trip tomorrow against the Corpus Christi BeachDawgs, ending the four-game matchup before returning home for six straight. The Texarkana Gunslingers will be the first to visit Texas City followed by the McKinney Blue Thunder, each for three games.

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