Monday, May 26, 2008


From Houston Leones Press Release

RICHMOND, TEXAS (May 26, 2008) After lost three games in a row, one in Austin and two in El Paso; Houston Leones won again and repited the dosis of 3 goals in home this time against Mississippi Brilla. With a good attendance, Houston Leones showed why is a good contender in this PDL league.

Houston Leones jumped in the field with the mentality of live behind what happens in Austin and El Paso, and Mississippi Brilla jumped in the field to continue adding points for a place in the 2008 Lamar Hunt Open Cup. Houston Leones started dominating the game and at minute 5’ Erick "Puma" Acevedo had the first opportunity to open the score when with a pass of Hurtado, he passed in the middle of two defenders and lived the goalkeeper behind just to shot aside of the empty goal. But it was at the minute 10, when with a pass of Acevedo Antonio Chavez shot living without a opportunity the goalkeeper of Mississippi Brilla to react and scored the first of the afternoon. From there, it was a complete domination of the game by Houston Leones making impossible to Mississippi Brilla to react and who can not find a way to stop the attacks of Houston Leones. A couple of minutes later, at minute 23 in a free kick centered by Jose Miranda, Miguel Hurtado headed the ball and scored the second goal for Houston Leones before the useless jump of the goalkeeper.

At the second half, Houston Leones continued attacking the goal of Mississippi Brilla who still couldn’t find a way out to stop the attacks of Houston Leones. At the minute 65 and with a pass of Acevedo, Angel Hernandez scored an amazing goal (golazo) living the ball bounce once and hit it before the ball touch the field again; this lived the goalkeeper without opportunity to react before tremendous shot. Houston Leones had more opportunities to score more goals, but some mistakes and some saves of the Mississippi Brilla goalkeeper lived the score without move for long time. Almost at the end of game at the minute 90, Hurtado had another opportunity to score but was knocked down at the penalty area by the Mississippi defender Demmin who also was ejected from the game. Finally, Erick Acevedo decided to shot the penalty kick but failed to score the fourth and last goal in the game.

Houston Leones now have 6 points and are placed in the fifth place of the Southern conference, they also still without losing at home and the next weekend will play against El Paso on Saturday May 31st and against Dallas Tornados on Sunday June 1.

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