Monday, February 06, 2017

Remick, Manotas speak with the press after Houston Dynamo practice

By Robert H Kelly
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HOUSTON, TEXAS (February 6, 2017)  After training on Monday, February 6, 2017, Houston Dynamo defender Dylan Remick and forward Mauro Manotas spoke with the press and had some personal thoughts and statements concerning training camp.

Both players were questioned about the transition to the new style of play installed by head coach Wilmer Cabrera. Remick stated. “It’s going pretty well so far. Obviously, that’s what preseason is for. That’s to get everybody in the same page with the system of Wilmer. It’s underway. I think there has been some great strides so far. I think the upcoming games are going to help us, even more in that next step of being a cohesive unit in a game-like scenario. Practice is going well, every day we are getting better as a team collectively. Then, the next step now is to implement that during the preseason games.”

Manotas added, “The team is getting to know each other more, we have been working for couple of weeks and the coach has given us clear instructions on what he wants: that the two teams that play this preseason may demonstrate the same strength, the same style of play so that we can be well presented on the field. We are working hard, very good intensity, always moving forward and seeking to score. That is the identity that the coach has given us.”

On playing in full field drills, Remick responded:  "It is different, every coach has its own style of introducing tactics into a team. I have done this a little bit before. I really enjoy it. I think it helps, especially because we have a lot of new faces. It is a great way to sort of get everyone on the same page and make it easy for everybody to know what their role is within their position on the field in terms of defenders, midfielders, forwards. It is a great way to get everybody on the same page, so that no matter who is playing everybody knows what each other has to do, which makes it easier for us to play.” He added that intensity had been added the most to the team dynamic. “I think is all about intensity. Whatever you do, do it a 100 percent. That is what preseason is for, breaking the body down to get ready for the long haul in the season. That has been a big part of preseason. Obviously, the tactics about how he wants to play have been more and more involved the further we go into preseason. Those are the two big things that he is trying to bring into the preseason and everyone is responding very well.”

Manotas talked about the Dynamo’s potential and stated, “We have a really well-done roster. We are fully armed, we have goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards. We are a really well-balanced team, which is something the coach always tells us, that we have be balanced. Even if we have not allowed a goal, we as strikers have the responsibility of scoring and try to win the game.”

The Dynamo will close their training camp in the Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 with a full match against the RGV FC Toros.

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